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Father's Day Fest: Angel City Brews and Tunes

Local craft brews and local bands fill out your pop's holiday.



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
    The Vignes Rooftop Revival
    The Vignes Rooftop Revival will play the 2015 Father's Day Festival at Angel City Brewery downtown on Sunday, June 21.

    Fun go-outs geared towards dads and their young offspring were the rule of the road come Father's Day, at least for many decades.

    Miniature golf courses, bowling alleys and arcades buzzed with activity on the third Sunday in June, which is good and right and as it should be. A little bonding with pops over a strike or high score is pretty rad for little kids and grown-ups alike.

    But there's a trend in Father's Day, and it involves events built just for adult children and their dads, and the rise in the craft brewery scene can be thanked in large part.

    Look to Angel City Brewery in the Arts District as a beer-scented bellwether in this category, and look to its daylong Father's Day Food Truck & Music Fest, which will fill out eight family-tight, let's-hang-out-together hours on Sunday, June 21.

    Strumming out the live tunes into the early evening? Scott Bartenhagen, The Vignes Rooftop Revival, The Get Down Boys and Urban Grass will be at the guitars delivering on the vibe front.

    Selling a large variety of vittles from windows on the side of trucks that have kitchens inside? The Surfer Taco, Fill R Up Gastro Garage, Peaches' Smokehouse & Southern Kitchen, Brewwings, and Dogtown Dogs have the go-down-easy grub that's tasty to eat.

    Foaming up pint glasses, the very glasses you and Dad with clink as you say "cheers"? All the sudsy stuff that Angel City has on tap, from Angel City IPA to Angel City Pilsner to the new Social IPA. Plus lots more in the whole seasonal 'n classic department.

    Costing you a bundle to even get in the door? Nope. Entry is free.

    And let us say this: May miniature golf and arcade fun and bowling outings dominate forever. You can be 8 or 48 and it is still a gas to go out and do silly awesome stuff with dear ol' dad.

    But treating your father to a grown-up day out, if you are also a grown-up, and you both like lovingly made ales, is a newer spin on the sweet holiday. It's a trend that's here to stay, too, which is nice: Celebrating our parents by tailoring their day to their interests is flat-out fab.

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