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Father's Day Food: Mancakes and Brass Monkeys

A number of taverns and tasty spots are putting pops-style favorites on the plates.



    Father's Day Food: Mancakes and Brass Monkeys
    Christina Peters
    All three Plan Check locations are doing up Father's Day with a hearty breakfast of mancakes and pig candy. The beverage of the day? The Brass Monkey, made with oj, beer, and vodka.

    You wouldn't stir up heated culinary controversy if you were to say that just about every holiday has its own specific, iconic eats, foodstuffs so singular to that day that the time and the taste are forever entwined in most minds.

    Chocolate roses (Valentine's) and candy corn/cider/popcorn balls (Halloween) and green bean casserole (Thanksgiving) would all qualify here. The examples are seemingly limitless, but what exactly is the flavor of Father's Day?

    A number of local restaurants are seeking to break June's parental holiday out of its standard brunch items mold. Eggs and hash browns are yummy, yes, but they're not enjoyed just on the day for your dad.

    But mancakes could be, if you start a new tradition going a little livelier, a little gourmetier, a little tastier for Dad's Day Out. Look to...

    Plan Check... which is serving up mancakes and pig candy at all three of its locations -- Sawtelle, Fairfax, and downtown -- on Sunday, June 21. Mancakes are traditional pancakes that have bacon and Grandma's Pecan Brown Ale mixed in, and pig candy? It's brown sugared bacon. Brass Monkeys -- think oj, beer, and vodka -- are the suggested brunch cocktail of the holiday. Time: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Chaya Venice: Is pops an adventurous eater? Oh yeah? Then you best toast his holiday with a barbecued eel omelet or Chaya buffalo burger, two of the suggested items on the Father's Day menu. A Korean Galbi beef & poached eggs dish puts an especially rich spin on the morning classic. The $49-for-grown-ups price includes a swag bag for Dad and a glass of draft beer. If you go Chaya Downtown, there's a special brunch on for your main fella.

    Tam O'Shanter: Dad may favor this Atwater Village landmark for its Scotch selection or cozy pub atmosphere, and if that's so, then doing up his day there seems right. On the brunch menu? Some savory favorites plus zingy additions like horseradish deviled eggs and Scotch rarebit, plus Lawry's famous corned beef hash.

    Border Grill: The downtown outpost will have both Papacito's Peach Julep on the pour (perfect for a day that is also the first day of summer) and Sonoran Steak (a bone-in steak that comes with, wait for it, chipotle butter. Glad you waited? Yeah, because chipotle butter). Is this your spot to shower your father in all the Father's Day kindnesses? Get info/make reservations.

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