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Father's Day, with a Side of Butter

Taking pops out for some fancy lobster eating?



    Father's Day, with a Side of Butter
    Lee Coursey/Flickr Creative Commons 2.0
    Where will you savor meaty chunks of lobster loveliness on Sunday, June 15?

    How dads and burgers became a staple of summertime grilling, and specifically Father's Day, we're not sure.

    Scratch that: We're totally sure. Burgers are delicious and it is fun to chillax on a patio while shaking a bottle of ketchup and trying not to get sunburned. But you have to figure that even if your pops is the world's biggest patty buff, and knows how to season meat from here to Friday, the man deserves a break-out, something-special, let's-go-big kind of parental holiday.

    It just happens that Father's Day, which is Sunday, June 15, and National Lobster Day, which is Sunday, June 15, are falling on the same day this year. (As indicated by both events happening on June 15 -- that was clue #1.)

    Does your main dude deserve a plastic bib and a small dish of melted butter for his grand day out? Sure, if he's down with fancy-pants crustacean-style dining. But lobster has journeyed a ways from ye olden times when only stuffy linen places served it. Stuffy linen places still do, and thank goodness -- c'mon, nothing not to like about stuffy linen places -- but you can also take your guy out for lobster at...

    RivaBella: The West Hollywood swankery not only has some truly capacious outdoor seating -- nice in June -- but it does up a lobster tortelli with broccoli cream, tomato, and pecorino. Mmm, mmm, and mmm. (And one more "mmm" for that outdoor seating.)

    Fig & Olive: Make for Melrose Place or Newport Beach for a bowl of lobster bisque. There's no need to festoon those two words with too much, because "bisque" is lovely and underused these days. This one comes with marscapone and olive oil crackers. Goodness.

    Petrossian Restaurant: The lobster roll has gained a rep as an easy-to-grab, easy-to-eat, no-fuss take on the seafood favorite. But how to dress it up? Really, really dress it up? Add caviar. Head for this West Hollywood eatery for a roll that also comes with sea urchin and daikon.

    Red O: Is your father more of a classic -- but not too classic -- lobster tail buff? This could be our spot. This version adds in charred Mexican knob onions, cilantro-fennel rice, and Tajin butter. Yep, tell your dad to put away the burger flipper for a day.

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