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Fiction and Fantasy Reign at Park Plaza

The Labyrinth Masquerade alights at the Park Plaza. Now, where'd you stash those wings?



    Fiction and Fantasy Reign at Park Plaza
    Pixie Vision Productions
    The Labyrinth Masquerade attracts grown-up merrymakers and some truly elaborate costumes. Make wing for the Park Plaza on Friday, July 5 and Saturday, July 6.

    It's the rare city that boasts a summertime event that can outdo Halloween, and any Halloween-adjacent parties, in terms of complicated costumes and stylish make-up and sheer fantasy. But Los Angeles is that rare city, and it has been home to the Labyrinth Masquerade for sixteen years.

    If "Labyrinth" makes you think of a certain David-Bowie-Jennifer-Connelly-Jim-Henson-y 1980s film, it should; that is the film at the masquerade, though it is strictly for grown-ups and not young puppet fans. And it has had a healthy chance to grow in popularity over the years. In fact, it unfurls, like a giant, glitter-covered hand fan, over two nights.

    Those dates are Friday, July 5 and Saturday, July 6. "(M)usic, art, entertainment, fairie revels, and enchantment among the elements..." are part of the evening, as are Goblin Courts.

    Who doesn't love a good Goblin Court?

    Will it be like walking onto the magical set of the film? Maybe a bit, but think a wider array of outlandish costumes. Elves and fairies and goblins are present, but so are people in hoop-skirted ball gowns and mythical queens and Mad Hatters and the occasional character from "Lord of the Rings" and "The Princess Bride."

    It isn't what you're dressed as that's important. Rather, going all out is key and bringing on every level. That's costume-wise and how you strut your stuff. (Meaning=strut outrageously, if possible.)

    A ticket for July 5 is $49 and for July 6 is $55. Now go plan your costume at once, and call a close friend. The Labyrinth Masquerade is so elaborate and fantastic one often needs a friendly attendant to help them into their wings and/or ball gown and/or goblin suit.

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