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Fifth Sunday: $1 Sips at 1933 Bars

Lift a fancy cocktail high to this rare calendar event.



    Fifth Sunday: $1 Sips at 1933 Bars
    1933 Group
    Bars of the 1933 Group -- including Bigfoot Lodge -- will price particular cocktails at a dollar in honor of the month's fifth weekend. Find your silver dollar sip during the early evening of Sunday, Aug. 30.

    Some of us prefer mustard on our burgers, while some like spicy relish. Others are avowed night people, and some of us get up with the first songbird of the day. And everyone, everywhere, takes their fancy coffee drink just a little bit more individually than the next guy in line.

    But here's a truth: When a strange date rolls around on the calendar, one where the numbers line up sequentially (date, month, year, all in order), or dates can be written backward and frontward, palindrome-style, or numbers repeat within the date, well, you can set your clock by it: Social media goes completely calendar-mad.

    Which just may happen, again, on Saturday, Aug. 29 and Sunday, Aug. 30. You don't get a lot of months boasting a fifth weekend, and the semi-rarity of this has inspired the people at the 1933 Group, the company behind character-filled bars like Bigfoot Lodge and Sassafras, to toast the fifth weekend with a drink special.

    To be clear on the date and time, the one-dollar drink deal — that's right, one buck on particular beverages — is reserved for the close of the weekend. It's on from 6 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 30 at nearly all of the 1933 locations around town, including Oldfield's, Thirsty Crow, La Cuevita, Sassafras, both Bigfoot Lodges (original and West), and Harlowe.

    The libations have been hand-picked ahead of time, so if you land at Oldfield's you'll enjoy an Old-Fashioned and if you head for La Cuevita you sip a Mas Mula.

    And, we imagine, you and your deal-appreciating pals will sip your fancy cocktails while you discuss anomalies of the calendar and phases of the moon and how we all go wild when we see a digital clock showing 12:34:56 as the time of day.

    Don't we all love that though? It's one of life's most simple pleasures, a surprise 12:34:56 sighting.

    As for August 2015 boasting a fifth Monday, which it does, well, what can we say? Except social media may not go as bonkers over the prospect of an unusual Monday vs. an unusual weekend.

    Oh, Monday. What can we do to raise your profile? We know you try. Keep on being you.

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