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Flamin' Hot Cheeto Sprinkles Cupcake Is Back

The sweet heat treat found devoted fans when it first popped up in the summer of '18.



    Flamin' Hot Cheeto Sprinkles Cupcake Is Back
    Sprinkles Cupcakes
    Spicy-sweet and offbeat, the buzzy treat is back at all Sprinkles locations through Sunday, March 24.

    What to Know

    • Sprinkles Cupcakes shops

    • Through Sunday, March 24

    • $3.95-$4.95, depending on location

    Lots of lovely and amazing and eye-popping sights flutter back into our view come the springtime, from big music festivals to huge art events to those ever-popular wildflowers.

    Add a sweet cupcake containing Flamin' Hot Cheetos to that "it's back!" list, a noshy item that will surely be one of the more unusual additions to your spring-themed roster.

    For the talked-about Sprinkles Cupcake offering is making a limited-time return to all shops under the Sprinkles umbrella, just as spring officially kicks off.

    And we do mean "limited-time return," too. Things can famously be on the shorter side in the spring — think of a quick rainshower or a here-today-gone-tomorrow wildflower — and this spicy-sweet treat will be short-lived, too.

    It's available through Sunday, March 24 at area Sprinkles locations.

    The price? Depending on location, it is $3.95 through $4.95.

    Enough with the numbers, time perimeters, and such: This is what comprises this quirky confection. Think vanilla cake, think a hefty dusting of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and think frosting that rocks, wait for it, a "creamy" white cheddar vibe.

    Lots of dessert devotees like some heat in the happy mix, and this photo-worthy delectable brings it.

    And, truly, Flamin' Hot Cheeto continues its reign as one of the snack aisle's most sought-after munchables, popping up not just in the usual bags but atop and in all sorts of fancy foodstuffs.

    Including, yes, a superstar of a Sprinkles Cupcake. Get it now, if you're gonna.

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