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Flicks by Starlight: Street Food Cinema

"Rocky Horror" and "Pulp Fiction" are ahead for this al fresco favorite.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Sheldon Chau
    People on blankets like movies, oh yes they do. Street Food Cinema is in full swing, so pack your pillow, cinephiles.

    What does watching a movie at home entail? Checking your phone far too much, for fun emails that probably aren't coming, for one. Revisiting the fridge to see if the freezer grew ice cream in the last half hour (not likely). And wondering if you should dust the TV screen or save it for tomorrow (or next week, if you remember).

    But Street Food Cinema? It's a place where ice cream, or at least an array of goodies, always grows. People are polite and not on their phones during the movie. And the screen is large and vibrant and not under your dust-or-don't-dust powers.


    Even suh-weeter? The late springtime/early summer film favorite is in full, al fresco, hop-to-different-outdoor-locations-around-LA gear. It'll pop up at Exposition Park on May 31 and June 7 (with "Goodfellas" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," respectively) and then it is onto Pomona, Culver City, and West Hollywood. Oh, and Pasadena, too, adjacent to the Rose Bowl.

    Films like "Mean Girls" and "Pitch Perfect" are yet to come.

    And the "Street Food" part of the promise? There is much. Trucks line up, people stand in front of them considering, and then they return to their blankets and friends with tacos and seafoody savory things and cookies with Oreos backed inside of them.

    That is definitely the kind of sugar-awesomeness we'd want to devour while watching the "Time Warp" on a giant screen. 

    Oh, and two more things to get sugar-awesome-y over: Dogs are welcome, mostly, except the rare cases where they are not, and Street Food Cinema is "always on the grass."

    Summer should be about spending more time on grass, eating cookies, and less time texting and watching movies, alone, in your den. Not saying you have to stop that forever, but just for a Saturday night or three. Or four.

    The series runs into September, so, yeah, you can do it. We know you can.

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