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For Sale: Johnny Cash's Mercedes

The vroom-vroom estate sale is going down in Ventura.



    For Sale: Johnny Cash's Mercedes
    Johnny Cash's 1991 Mercedes Benz is up for auction near Ventura. (AP Photo/TBS, Mark Hill)

    A certain place, over time, can become synonymous with a certain sound, a particular vibe, and a specific look or style.

    Bakersfield has that country music flow and San Francisco's deep long-jam background cannot be denied. And the Ventura area? It's gone a little alt-twang, a lot of rockabilly, and a whole bunch of Johnny Cash.

    Consider that the town is the scene for the annual Father's Day Saturday Roadshow Revival, A Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash. It's oh-so-well-attended, very beloved, and, yep, the shiny-fendered cars are remarkably plentiful.

    So it fits that cars, the Ventura area, and Johnny Cash's legacy are set to dovetail again, over the second weekend of January 2014. Cindy Cash, daughter of the late music legend, is selling her father's 1991 black 560 SEL Mercedes-Benz.

    You can check out the whole Craigslist ad here, and eye photos of the car for yourself. And for a look at the larger estate sale? Treasures of Ojai has all the to-knows.

    Whether the Ventura vehicle goes to an auto collector or a Cash devotee -- and fingers crossed the final buyer is both -- we just have one question: Will the car's new owner have to tell someone each and every day that the car in the driveway was once driven by The Man in Black?

    Because we'd probably be bragging up and down the street, that's for sure. And the only music played with in it, of course, would be the catalog of the great Johnny Cash.

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