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Forecast for Old Pasadena: 20 Tons of Snow

Children shall frostily frolic as the city greets the season.



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
    Old Pasadena
    Twenty tons of snow are due for Old Pas on Friday, Nov. 29. Occasion? Home for the Holidays.

    UPDATE: Due to rain, this event has been cancelled.

    Many a Pasadena resident can clearly recall the surprise snow back in January of 1949. It sounds like a fantasy, really -- flakes in fine-weathered Southern California? Ha! -- but photos of Lake Avenue and the surrounding area tell a chilly story.

    Still, snow is very much the exception 'round these balmy parts, a rare sight, except when 20 tons are trucked in for the sole purpose cheering Crown City children (and adults, too, of course). That's happening on Friday, Nov. 29 when Old Pasadena throws its Home for the Holidays whoop-di-doo on Holly Street between Fair Oaks and Raymond Avenues.

    Even the chosen street name is on message with the merry cheer.

    If you can get the tots to leave the snow -- and good luck with that -- there shall be crafty areas, Japanese ink painting, and a photo booth with the requisite, sequin-bedecked ugly Christmas sweaters.

    Don't take a picture and not put one on, because that would be very, very humbuggian of you.

    Choral presentations from several groups, like the Towne Singers, fill out the late afternoon, and then? You bet: Santa'll be in the house, along with a festive tree lighting. Cocoa-sipping, snapshot taking, and more joy than a conga line of reindeer shall ensue.

    You know Pasadena brings it, right? No spoiler alerts, but check out what they're up to every New Year's Day.

    It's free, in case you're curious, and we bet you are, because we all tend to be curious about such things. Also, is it a coincidence that "free" and "festive" share a large number of letters? It is not.

    And you can Gold Line it in, if you choose. And, nope, we can't promise a sudden 1949-type snowfall, but if you toss a snowball or two from the temporary 20 tons of snow, consider that your happy snowfill for the holidays.

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