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Frank Gehry, Meet the Tar Pits: LACMA Hotel Ahead

A tower is in the works for the southside of Wilshire Boulevard.



    Frank Gehry, Meet the Tar Pits: LACMA Hotel Ahead
    © Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner
    The LACMA "bridge" over Wilshire Boulevard may be just the start: The Miracle Mile museum is in talks with Frank Gehry to build a condo/hotel tower on the southside of the thoroughfare.

    Well, this is going to blow the minds of those ol' tar pits mammoths when they learn who is moving in next door.

    Or just down the street, rather. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is working towards building a high-rise tower -- think hotel and condos -- at Wilshire Boulevard and Orange Grove Avenue, where a future Purple Line Metro entrance may be in the works.

    The LA Times reports that a new architecture and design wing for the museum may be added to the tower complex, or, rather "skyscraper," if you crave more visualization. Think tall. Downtown tall, if you your mind goes there.

    Oh, and speaking of architecture? LACMA is looking to Frank Gehry to design it, the visionary behind our own silvery, spectacular, and highly spaceshipian Walt Disney Concert Hall.

    If ever one desired to see the duality of the very, very ancient alongside the far future in our city, they'll only need to stand on a center island on the Miracle Mile and turn their gaze from the La Brea Tar Pits to Mr. Gehry's tower, which will surely be inventive and singular and will appear as though it was constructed in the year 2234.

    Summoning elegant structures from centuries still to come is what Mr. Gehry does so very well, of course.

    And what of architect Peter Zumthor's curvy "bridge" across Wilshire Boulevard, which was announced in June? That, too, is on the drawing table.

    Tar pit mammoths, we know you represent the eons passing slowly and all, but best strap yourself in: The future's faster on your home turf, the famous Miracle Mile. The future could, in fact, begin to arrive in time-lapse form, like one of those vintage cartoons where a city of tomorrow rises nearly overnight.

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