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Free + Summer + Family To-Dos + The Getty

Sunday Art Adventures, garden concerts, and more fill the calendar.



    Free + Summer + Family To-Dos + The Getty
    Courtesy of the J. Paul Getty Museum
    Sundays in July are made for Art Adventures at the Getty Center. Need family to-dos with a cultural or educational spin? You got it.

    Summer vacation, bored kids, and parents vacationing at Wit's End have long provided fodder for cartoonists and sitcom writers alike. Good for them, though their takes are often too extreme. We suspect that many a parent is fairly creative in staving off their child's I-don't-know-what-to-do-ing, but then? 

    But then. But then the weekend comes, which is a whole different ball of boredom, at least in the young'uns' eyes. Errands and adult plans crowd the schedule, and finding something to do as a family -- that's free, or practically -- is a question.

    Oh, hi Getty. We were about to get to you, seeing as how you are one of our city's best places, and most free places, too, and, yes, parking costs, but if you park once at either the Getty Villa or the Getty Center, you can park the same day, for free, at the other location. (This is still kind of new but we more than love it and are compelled to talk about it at every chance.)

    And your summer schedule is crowded -- yep, "crowded" is hyperbolic, but we'll keep it -- with free stuff oriented to families. Art Adventures will start up on Sundays in July and August, and we do like the sound of them, because they involve both gallery-looking and masterpiece-making. Call it a twofer.

    The August Garden Concerts at the Getty Center will be every weekend and tailored to the younger music fan.

    And the Getty Villa is going on an Art Odyssey every summer Saturday. "Odyssey" is the perfect word for the Malibu landmark, what with the ancient treasures within.

    There's actually a bundle of pay-nothing stuff going down, so you'll find something for your fam. Yeah, we said "fam," but it is summer, when we're all feeling a bit lazier. Still, weekends don't have to be all about lying around the house when there is art to be enjoyed, and for nothing but the price to park.

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