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Free: After Hours Fun at Dorothy Chandler

A new "multi-sensory experience" is headed for the chandelier'd landmark.



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    A new "multi-sensory experience" is headed for the chandelier'd landmark on Sept. 19, Oct. 10, and Jan. 30. (Note: Oct. 10 and Jan. 30 have been moved to Nov. 6 and Feb. 5.)

    We've all likely been inside a building that's officially closed, late into the evening, either because we're studying late or working late or there's a rare but special event going down.

    It can be a delicious feeling, to know that the world is asleep and you're someplace that's typically off-limits, at least at that hour. Add to that deliciousness a host of art and music and happenings of a creative sort, happenings that shall last throughout the night into the early hours of the morn, and you have the latest lark inside The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. 

    Yes, the same Dorothy Chandler that serves as the main digs for the opera. Turns out it isn't stuffy -- it never, ever was, let's be perfectly clear -- and Sleepless shall prove this point further.

    Pushing into the velvetiest stretch of the night -- 11:30 p.m. to "the wee smalls" -- Sleepless is a vibrant, tune-filled pair-up between the Music Center and dublab. It's only shaking its stuff for a trio of special dates, during which there shall be a host of activities fashioned to send your yawns running.

    Like? DJs and "sensory and visual adventures" and "dancing for the first time in the Pavilion Founders Room." There's a coat check called "The Puppet Check" -- oh yessiree, there is -- and there's a chance to see your own personal pillow silk-screened in a before-your-eyes, paint-and-wonder art event.

    Yes, we said "your own personal pillow," so don't forget it. Consider Sleepless to be a sleepover of sorts, without the sleeping and with more grown-up, creative-quirky pursuits.

    The dates are not spread out and then very spread out, so land on your must-go time of the year and ticket-up: Saturday, Sept. 19, Saturday, Oct. 10, and Saturday, Jan. 30 are your choices. (Update: Due to the event's popularity, the Oct. 10 and Jan. 30 dates have been moved to Nov. 6 and Feb. 5.)

    As for feeling a tiny bit mischievous, for staying inside our famous opera house past midnight? Well, you should. It's always rather like a kid's book to find one's self in a museum or aquarium or opulent, gold-and-mirror'd opera palace past midnight, when things get a little weirder and funkier.

    But how often do we encounter the potential for such light, late-into-the-night high jinks as adults? Answer: Too dang infrequently.

    It's free, as the best light high jinks are, but you'll need to RSVP pronto.

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