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Free Beach Bash: Happy 5th, Annenberg Community Beach House

Live tunes, a Marion Davies silent film, and more goodies'll roll out, in Santa Monica.



    Free Beach Bash: Happy 5th, Annenberg Community Beach House
    Annenberg Community Beach House
    The Annenberg Community Beach House turns 5 with a free weekend party on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27.

    A fifth birthday party might include a clown cameo, a superhero cake, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and a heated round of Musical Chairs.

    But when you're a historic beach house, with a re-opened pool, and you're under the umbrella of an established and esteemed arts-forward organization, well. The clown stays home and the superhero cake in the proverbial fridge.

    You go bigger, in short, as the Annenberg Community Beach House shall in honor of its big fifth on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27. Did we mention this is free? No? It's free. "Free" is always a nice word to see early on while information gathering.

    Our next stop is the pool, of course. The house, which was once the domain of silent-era starlet Marion Davies, is known for its bustling pool scene come summer. The water'll be open for the party, you bet, as well as the water that's just steps away from the pool. We speak, of course, of the Pacific Ocean.

    Vintage vibe'd Doozy'll strum it up during the weekend, and a Marion Davies flick shall show "on the sand." Pool favorites The Aqualillies will be synchronized swimming and putting on, as usual, quite the flower cap'd, submerged-smiles show.

    Beach yoga, paddleboard lessons, sack races on the sand, tug-of-war, and more activities fill out the two-day-er.

    That all of this unfurls over the final weekend of April is the cherry on top. Please. It's traditionally gorgeous at the end of April, and the idea of sack-racing, wave-side, on a perfect weekend day, is kind of what ad agencies build commercials around.

    It's really good to have the Annenberg Community Beach House in our lives, like a picture-postcard realization of the California dream, pool swimming steps from the ocean. Happy 5th, Annenbergers!

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