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Free: FLOOR Improv Day at Union Station

Get your dance moves on at the historic train station.



    Free: FLOOR Improv Day at Union Station
    Farah Sosa
    Shake it alongside other Southern Californians at the train station on the afternoon of Sunday, July 23.

    Trains, as a general, can't-deny-it rule, tend to go in pretty straight lines. It's longstanding tradition to build unwavy tracks that run directly into the distance, with maybe an interesting bend or loop here and there.

    But the dancers soon to converge upon Union Station, our historic, Art-Deco-tastic, gem of a train station, will not honor this trainly way of doing things in terms of straight lines of movement.

    There shall be leaps, and twists, and hip flicks, and a whole host of shimmying that goes down during The FLOOR Improv Day, an afternoon affair within the lofty-of-ceiling setting of the Alameda Street icon.

    The Sunday, July 23 happening is totally free, so stop by, if you're looking for a lively but pay-nothing outing, to hear a host of ebullient tunes from The Red Line Horns, "LA's newest, baddest horn section" (think of the amazo acoustics produced by Union Station's big rooms). 

    A percussion session, helmed by Christian Moraga and sponsored by Latin Percussion, will keep the beats thrumming, too.

    Joining the whole musical flow is the dance element of the day, with tango, and flamenco, both taking the floor, as well as the final "everyone joins to celebrate" moment of the day, THE FLOOR IMPROV Jam.

    Can you imagine a visitor just disembarking from a train, a traveler ready to see Los Angeles for the first time, and what they'll come across? A throng of jubiliant people raising the roof, dance- and spirit-wise, in the middle of a train station?

    Talk about a memorable welcome to our memorable city.

    The hours are 2 to 5 p.m. on July 23, but, if you miss this one, take happy note: It somersaults back into Union Station on Sunday, Aug. 27.

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