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Free, Free, Free: Hammer Museum Drops Admission

The Westwood institution is "Free for Good" starting on Feb. 9.



    Free, Free, Free: Hammer Museum Drops Admission
    Hammer Museum
    "Free for Good": The Hammer Museum's no-admission policy kicks off on Sunday, Feb. 9.

    "Aw, nuts" is a common reaction when we hear a favorite place is changing its admission policy and prices, because that change tends to signal that the price will go in a single direction: up.

    What was once five dollars becomes seven, and while we understand that places must raise fees for various stay-open reasons, we still tend to go the "aw nuts" route at the news.

    It's only human.

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    But there shall be no aw-nuts-ing here over the fact that the Hammer Museum is going free on Sunday, Feb. 9. As in free. Like, you know free? As in the concept of free?


    The announcement that the Westwood art institution would waive its get-in price came at a museum gala in October, with a start date set for February. February is now upon us -- spoiler alert -- and the museum at Wilshire and Westwood Boulevards is ready to welcome people, gratis.

    Yep, the founded-in-1990 museum had been free on Thursdays, for years upon years, but multiply that single day of the week by seven. It feels nice, right?

    Also something to know? Parking below still costs. There. Said. Done. No griping. Life is complex.

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    "The Hammer is committing to eliminating admission fees permanently," reads the web site. And thank donors Erika J. Glazer and Brenda Potter for the ability to see shows like "Tea & Morphine: Women in Paris 1880-1914" and "Kelly Nipper: Black Forest" without having to reach for our wallets.

    The gift of culture. It's boundless and lasting, truly.

    For all the Hammer happenings, including its amazing been-free-for-a-long-time roster of public programs, check out the site, art aficionados.

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