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Free Hot Dog at NoHo Dog Haus Debut

Swing by for a complimentary dog at the latest addition to the savory local chain.



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    Dog Haus
    Swing by for a complimentary dog at the latest addition to the savory local chain. (Pictured: The Soo Cali, which includes wild arugula, tomato, crispy onions, spicy basil aioli, avocado.)

    Opening Day is both an actual date on the calendar — April 4 in 2016, but then you knew that — and a state of mind/way of life/path to follow.

    Yes, for sure, we want to see our favorite pitcher back on the mound, and smell the freshly cut grass, and watch the sun go down as the big lights come on over the diamond, but we also long for the timeless symbols of baseball.

    In short, we want hot dogs.

    The run-up to spring's arrival is just about the hot-dog-iest time of year, in our hearts, because we know the good mustardy stuff is on its way. But you don't have to wait on Opening Day or the major leagues to get your first fix: You can get it, for free, at the Dog Haus in North Hollywood on Friday, March 11.

    Now hold up a darn tootin' second, you say: There is no branch of the bun-tastic local boutique hot-doggery in NoHo. Au contraire, sausage-seeking friend: The newest location of the Pasadena-based haute hot dog shop will open on Lankershim Boulevard on March 11.

    Open, we'll add, with a free hot dog giveaway. While supplies last? Yes, while supplies last.

    So if you're in the Arts District, and you want to check out the fresh doggy digs, stop in for a Haus Dog. One, of course, per customer, as is tradition with gratis giveaways in all of their free and delightful iterations.

    Dog Haus has been around for just over a half decade. It's a company, say the founders, that was formed "to recapture the nostalgic childhood experience of eating a hot dog."

    And doesn't nostalgia stir inside our souls come the spring? Whether it is those crocuses in bloom, or hopscotch outlines appearing on sidewalks, or baseball's big Opening Day, we long to reconnect with our youth.

    You can, for the time it takes to eat a fancy-ingredient'd hot dog, on March 11, in North Hollywood. And you don't have to pay a nickel for that particular pleasure, either.

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