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Free Pizza at Blaze Pizza Del Amo

The see-it-made-before-your-eyes pizzeria hosts a special Saturday giveaway.



    Free Pizza at Blaze Pizza Del Amo
    Blaze Pizza
    Cheesy choices: Blaze Pizza Del Amo will give away free pizzas on Saturday, May 31.

    Ever seen that startled look on a friend's face, just after you've sat down to lunch and placed your order? The look that says "aw, man, I should have asked for olives, not mushrooms?"

    Yeah. It's a look common to pizzerias, given that topping choices can overwhelm even the most hardened of pie-ists, making them freeze up, and then regret, post-order.

    Blaze Pizza doesn't see much of that startled, shoulda-ordered look, though. It's the assembly-line-y, choose-as-you-go company, and it has been popping up all around Southern California in recent months. Which makes sense, given the whereabouts of the company's HQ.

    Perhaps you've heard of it: Pasadena.

    Popping up all around and doin' deals, we should add. Next up on the customer-pleasing front? Blaze Pizza Del Amo -- yep, yep, "Del Amo" meaning Torrance -- will be handing out free 11-inch pizzas all day on Saturday, May 31 to customers who like the location on Facebook or follow on Twitter or Instagram. (Address: 21712 Hawthorne Blvd.)

    All you need to do is show via a print-out or your phone that you've liked Blaze and voila! A free pizza awaits. (Seriously, we want you to say "voila!" when the pizza is handed to you, to fun it up even more.)

    This social-media-follow-and-get-treated plan has been a bit of a Blaze staple in recent days, with the Carlsbad location holding the records for the most free pizzas given out over a day (that would be 1,250, which must equal thousands of pepperoni slices).

    And the pizza choices? They are plentiful: You can build your own right with the person doing the building or you can go with a signature pizza like the Veg Out -- yep, veggies are the theme -- or the Green Stripe, which features pesto and other savory goodies.

    So, good to go? Blaze Del Amo, a free pizza, Saturday, May 31, and you just have to like the location's Facebook page or follow on Twitter or Instagram? And you get to watch it all made before your eyes, so you don't have later table-regrets over pizza paths not taken?

    Vow now to always get the pizza you want. Done? Done.

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