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Free Redondo Fave Turns 40: Festival of the Kite

At the pier: The pretty skyward show marks four decades.



    Free Redondo Fave Turns 40: Festival of the Kite
    Kites'll flap above Redondo Pier on Sunday, March 9.

    Kites and beaches? There isn't a pair around that can make a run for their particularly shiny and well-deserved "perfect twosome" crown.

    Well. Peanut butter and jelly, maybe? Salt and pepper, sure. But any other duo that thinks it is as iconic as a rectangle of colorful material flapping high above the waves best rethink that stance, because it probably is just way off base.

    Just calling 'em as we see 'em here.

    Festivals, where many kites share the same slice of sky, multiple this feeling, that duos don't come more divine, even further. Need proof? Make for Redondo Pier on Sunday, March 9, where a bevy of hue-happy wave-riders'll be high above the sand at the 40th Annual Festival of the Kite.

    First word on it? It's free, like you want a kite party on the beach to be. Second word? It's venerable, as anything with four decades under its belt -- or string -- tends to be. Third? The Sunshine Kite Company, a local favorite, is a sponsor, so swing by the shop if you are kite-less and want to make a purchase. And four? Redondo Pier is another host, meaning lots of good things'll be going down during the day on the above-the-water walkway.

    Sunshine Kite Company is located at the pier.

    Say you don't want to fly a kite? You'd rather kick back in the sand and admire the dragons and butterflies and abstract shapes whipping about in the air? That's chill. Totally. You can.

    Hours are noon to 5 p.m., but remember: It's Daylight Saving Time that day. Is there a better day to throw a spring-sweet kite happening than the day when it stays lighter later? We love when two great things dovetail together, much in the way that kites and beaches do.

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