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Free and Mind-Filling: ArtNight Pasadena

Thousands love this multi-museum, pay-nothing, see-lots affair.



    Free and Mind-Filling: ArtNight Pasadena
    ArtNight Pasadena
    Thousands love this multi-museum, pay-nothing, see-lots affair. Roam the cultural wonders of Old Pas and beyond on Friday night, Oct. 9.

    Students frequently hear that art and science are forever entwined, and the theories and characteristics of one very often represent a different dimension in the other discipline.

    We'll let the people of Pasadena, and those calling upon the Crown City over the upcoming weekend, discuss this age-old topic as they wander among the many museums and cultural institutions on Friday night, Oct. 9.

    That's ArtNight Pasadena, a large-scale, hugely free event that has seen thousands of art mavens -- 28,000 at the last go-around -- show up to wander about, admire brain-goosing things, and talk about matters of import or lightness. 

    Twenty one locations are on the shuttle bus route, meaning you can hop on and/or hop off at the Armory Center for the Arts, the south campus for ArtCenter College of Design, the Jackie Robinson Community Center, the Norton Simon Museum, and the Pasadena Conservatory of Music. Basically if it is a place, occupying space within Pasadena's borders, and it offers some bounty of cultural goodness, chances are high that it is part of the ArtNight scene.

    The scene goes beyond what's displayed on various walls. Music, dance, and performance festoon the city-big celebration, too, making it easy and pleasurable to get a variety of things in your cultural diet for the night.

    If you're looking for actual edibles, they're around, too. Several food trucks will make cuisine-y cameos, from Kogi to Rodney's Ribs and beyond. And ten percent of the the food trucks' take for the night will cycle back into ArtNights still to come (consider this a successful staple that's here to stay).

    The science end of the discussion, that we hinted at earlier, comes when you and your ArtNight-loving pals decide if you'll visit the JPL Open House, which shall Rover-up imaginations aplenty only a few miles from the area of ArtNight. The inventively awesome experience is on Oct. 10 and 11, meaning your full Pasadena weekend could include hefty doses of both art and science of the highest order.

    And both ArtNight and the JPL visit are free. 

    Question: How much bigger will your brain be on Monday? "Much" is an appropriate and accurate answer.

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