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Freeze, and Maybe Score a Big Pageant Part

Dream of playing (an extremely still) role at the Pageant of the Masters next summer, in Laguna Beach?



    Freeze, and Maybe Score a Big Pageant Part
    Pageant of the Masters
    Dream of playing (an extremely still) role at the Pageant of the Masters next summer, in Laguna Beach? Tryouts are coming up, the weekend after New Year's Day.

    What to Know

    • Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts

    • Jan. 4-6, 2019

    • 7-9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday

    The holidays are correctly described as a bit chaotic, and even cacophonous, and that time of year where everything seems to be happening at once, a phenomenon that's both merry and harried in often equal measure.

    But consider how often we stand totally still at this celebratory time of year.

    We're called upon to sit and pose in numerous photos — "everyone hold their breath" — and we have a way of freezing if someone catches us at the fridge, at midnight, as we eat the last of the peppermint fudge.

    And, yes, we even freeze on the stairs, if we think we hear Santa shimmying down the chimney.

    Where to freeze, though, and truly go for a statue-like likeness, over the first weekend of January? All to possibly be selected to participate in one of our state's most famous summertime events?

    The answer: Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, where the annual tryouts for Pageant of the Masters will take place on Jan. 4, 5, and 6, 2019.

    Indeed, this is the audition for the historic "tableaux vivant" production, where volunteer performers pose "inside" reconstructed masterpieces, from paintings to sculptures.

    The 2019 dates, if you're selected? July 7 through the final day in August, so, yes, you'll need to be available to be in Laguna Beach, on stage, during that period.

    What can you expect at the tryouts, which will take place in the evenings on Jan. 4 and 5 and on the afternoon of Jan. 6?

    "Prospective volunteers will be measured and photographed" during the auditions. Also? You'll get an early peek at the "artwork to be presented" during the 2019 run.

    The theme is "The Time Machine," so, you bet, there will be nifty steampunk elements vibing through several of the chosen pieces.

    True, many of the volunteer performers hail from Orange County, but, yes, there are those dedicated Pageant people who live in Los Angeles and even San Diego.

    Has this long been on your bucket list? Would you love to play a part in a painting? And be associated with the world-famous Pageant of the Masters for a summer?

    Get your tryout deets now, pose-holders, and see how long you can freeze, with emotion and drama, while not smiling or laughing. (Yes, breathing and blinking are a-ok.)

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