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Friday the 13th: Ghostly Drinks, Scary Movies, Flashlight Tours

Where will you be on the frightful Friday? We've got chilling choices.



    Friday the 13th: Ghostly Drinks, Scary Movies, Flashlight Tours
    Where will you spend Friday the 13th? At the Aero watching a mini-marathon of the famous film series? Having drinks in Beachwood Canyon? Or up at the Winchester Mystery House, with a flashlight in hand?

    Honest? The tried-and-true-and-tried-again tropes of Friday the 13th could probably be retired in large part. Sometimes one needs to walk under a ladder to reach a can of paint, and feline fans know that cats of all hues, stripes, and markings are made for kissing, not hissing at.

    But observing a Friday that happens to fall on the 13th day of the month can still be rife with spooky pleasures of the story, cinematic, and history kind. And when that mythically macabre day falls in the month before October? Bet the feeling is heightened, what with fall on approach.

    Here's a trio of to-dos for triskaidekaphiles:

    "Friday the 13th" Mini Marathon: American Cinematheque is breaking out the creepy classic and three of its sequels for an all-nighter (or mostly -- the final movie of the night'll start around 2 a.m.). Will there be a Jason costume contest? Oh, you betcha. Will there be trivia competitions and contests to see who has the best scream? Yeah, that's happening, too, for prizes like boxed sets and such. Doors open at 5 p.m. on, wait for it, Friday the 13th of September, and the first film rolls at 7:30 p.m.

    Spirits with the Spirits: The Ghost Hunters of LA love haunty stuff and they love a good libation. And, nope, they don't wait for Friday the 13th to meet up -- they meet on the 13th of every month to have a drink in a famous (and famously haunted) local watering hole. Intrigued? Then make for the Beachwood Cafe on Friday, Sept. 13 at 8 p.m.

    Winchester Mystery House: It's a tradition at the ramblingly huge mansion up in San Jose: After-dark flashlight tours every Friday the 13th. House staffers also ring the bell on the grounds 13 times at 13:00 -- 1 p.m. -- every Friday the 13th (Sarah Winchester, the famous former owner of the spooky house, did love the number so). If you miss the Friday the 13th Flashlight Tour, don't fret; October is full of 'em. But best book early, ghost fan.

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