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Fritter Day: Fritter It Away, Deliciously

The offbeat fried treat gets the glory, sweet- and savory-style.



    Fritter Day: Fritter It Away, Deliciously
    Dec. 2 is National Fritter Day. Find 'em sweet or find 'em savory around SoCal. (Pictured: Messhall's corn fritters)

    Food holidays, whether they're locked into their calendar-centered place by a particular industry, famous restaurant, or a prominent critic, are fairly airy things, but always worth noting if your very favorite dish, or one you happen to serve at your eatery, comes up for its day in the spotlight.

    And those days are typically well-time to the overall weather. Various refreshing fruit dishes are spotlighted come spring, National Ice Cream Day is in the warm, warm middle of July, and Fritter Day? Well, that's at the beginning of December.

    Dec. 2, to be specific, which just happens to be the day when LA is getting its first fierce rainstorm of some years. Oh, OK, months, but it feels like it has been years, which means eating a comfort-food-y puck of dough plus filling is exactly the mealtime ticket we're looking for.

    Did we say puck? Well, fritters can be balls, too, or discs, but as long as there is a fried element, and a chewiness, and an ingredient apart from the dough, we're gold. Find your Dec. 2 fritter at...

    The Wallace: Fritters with the flair of the ocean? They exist, boy howdy, in the form of The Wallace's Salt Cod Fritter. "(C)apers, lemon, and roasted garlic aioli" complete the seafood-y bite in the traditional 'n tasty way.

    Hudson House: Kale grit fritters lend a touch of green -- hello, kale -- and a touch of the Southern kitchen -- hello, grits -- to the fritter form. Add in some sweet pickle tartar sauce and you have arrived at a chewy, tangy level of fritter-tastic enjoyment.

    Messhall: The Los Feliz eatery is know for its knobby, toothsome little balls of corn-fritterdom goodness, and those orbs'll be given away, gratis, on Dec. 2, with every meal. Rain + fried dough = a match in meal la la land.

    Randy's: If fritters with vegetables, seafood, or grits aren't just what you're looking for, but something donut-y is, then LA's famous doughnut shops -- Stan's, Bob's, and beyond -- will supply your apple fritters. Or head for the big doughnut, but the airport, for your drive-through, puck-pretty treat. Fried apple tartness, all from the driver's seat? It's like every day can be Fritter Day.

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