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Funky, Breezy Goodness: Abbot Kinney Festival

Call it the lovely, happily loosey-goosey standard-bearer for other street parties.



    Funky, Breezy Goodness: Abbot Kinney Festival
    Abbot Kinney Festival
    A cute pig is out enjoying the soft Venice sunshine and the Abbot Kinney Festival. You want to go, right? Good. It's on Sunday, Sept. 29.

    Many of us likely owned opposite flashcards when we were just tots. Remember those? Loved. On this card, the sun, on that card, the moon. On this card up, on that card, down. On this card, a cat, on that, a dog. (We quibble with that opposite pairing, let the record show.)

    There are a few annual happenings around Southern California that are iconic enough that they could appear on those cards, easily. Take the Abbot Kinney Festival, which unfurls in Venice on Sunday, Sept. 29. The fest's "opposite" cards, those cards that do not symbolize the fest, would be full of frowns, tense shoulders, uptight clothes, unmellowness, people not dancing, and no pet pigs.

    But the cards that do symbolize the fest? Smiles, sunshine, concerts, vendors purveying in all sorts of funky goods, from organic soaps to tasty teas, food trucks, eco-nice booths, bicycles, foamy-fancy beers, and friends. And free admission, too.

    Let's be honest: There probably isn't a flashcard deck in existence that can hold all the good stuff that is associated with the Abbot Kinney Festival. It's been around since 1984, after all, which means it i has had three lively 'n robust decades to perfect what might be The Planet's Easiest Street Festival to Just Hang Out At and Be Happy.

    Fest organizers, want to TM that? We won't mind.

    If you're there for the music -- and many among the 150,000 attendees, give or take, are -- prepare to groove out to Cosmic Kids, Victory, and Boardwalk, among others.

    The Sept. 29 fest flows from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You may or may not see a pet pig looking dang cute, but bet you'll have a ton of other Instagrammable opportunities. It's colorful, is the thing, but you know what? Just put the phone down for a few and soak it in. Take mind pictures, if you will, in addition to those pretty, pretty social media-ready snapshots.

    This is, after all, The Planet's Easiest Street Festival to Just Hang Out At and Be Happy.

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