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Funny "Best in Show" Commentary: See It Live

Fred Willard and Jim Piddock will comment on celeb dogs, for charity.



    Funny "Best in Show" Commentary: See It Live
    Best in Show
    Comedians Fred Willard and Jim Piddock will provide "Best in Show"-type commentary of celebrity pets at the Actors and Others for Animals fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 28.

    "Best in Show," the Christopher Guest mockumentary from 2000, has several memorable moments -- including the surreal moment when Christopher Guest himself keeps naming nuts (peanut, hazelnut) -- but every fan eventually cites the loopy and offbeat dog show commentary given by Fred Willard and Jim Piddock.

    Remember how they sat, dressed to the nines, and observed the pups? You do, because Mr. Willard was hilarious and Mr. Piddock could not keep his co-host in check.

    The duo will recreate their "Best in Show"-type personas for one special event on Saturday, September 28: The "Best of Show Pet Competition," a fundraiser presented by JoAnne Worley and Actors and Others for Animals.

    But here's the twist: Not only will the comedians be in the room doing some live and lively commentating, but they'll be responding to videos of celebrity-owned pets. Animals owned by Weird Al Yankovic, Alan Thicke, Leonard Maltin, and other celebs will cameo on screen; then Mr. Willard and Mr. Piddock will give their take on whether the pet is cute, talented, or just a little lump of furry sweetness.

    A vegetarian luncheon and no-host cocktails are part of the program, which takes place at the Universal Hilton Towers and Ballroom.

    General tickets are $175 each. Actors and Others for Animals was founded in 1971 with aim to encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their dogs and cats.

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