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Fur and Foam: Brew at the LA Zoo

Bespoke beers and animal talks fill out the evening made just for grown-ups.



    Fur and Foam: Brew at the LA Zoo
    Tad Motoyama
    Thirty local microbreweries'll pour for guests 21-and-over at the Los Angeles Zoo. The occasion? Brew at the Zoo on Friday, Aug. 8.

    The Los Angeles Zoo? Tots are all about it, and school groups, and young friends who are there to wave at the gazelles and monkey around before the orangutans.

    It's far less common, however, to see the Griffith Park destination filled with solely the 21-and-over set, except on some special nights of the year. A major one is Brew at the LA Zoo, and it is ready to pour again, multiplied by thirty, on Friday, Aug. 8.

    The "multiplied by thirty" bit has to do with the thirty microbreweries and craft breweries set to show. Lagunitas Brewing Co. will be there, and Coronado Brewing Company, and Port Town Brewing Co., and some local favorites like San Pedro Brewing Co.

    The food to wash it all down? Er, that's how it works, right, or is the other way around? Whatever order you choose to imbibe and dine in, there are cuisine-easy choices, including "artisan salads, Italian sausages & bratwursts, Philly cheesesteaks" and lotsa lotsa more. ("Lotsa lotsa" pretty much means you'll find something to chow on.)

    As for the animals? They won't be quite tucked up in their beds/nests/hammocks/trees when the party starts. LAIR, the Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles area, will be open to visitors, as will the new Rainforest of the Americas and other sections. The Campo Gorilla Reserve is on the list, too. And consider that evening is an especially pretty, soft-air'd time of day to take in the beasty beauty of the animal park.

    Live music? It's there. Hobnobbing? How could you not? Taking in a spot in a strolly, no-worry-no-hurry manner, with a smooth, locally made ale in hand? Yep, that should happen, too.

    Tickets? They're $45 ahead of time but they could sell out, is the word.

    But note: There are a number of kidly to-dos ahead for the zoo, including a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" mask giveaway on Friday, Aug. 1.

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