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Georgian Charm: Holiday Vinyl Records Night

You're invited to show with your own ready-to-spin seasonal sounds.



    Georgian Charm: Holiday Vinyl Records Night
    The Georgian
    Santa Monica's Georgian Hotel is throwing a pair of listening parties that are all about enjoying vintage (or not) holiday vinyl. Have a record? Bring it, on Dec. 11 or 18.

    If you pull out the vintage slides, especially those that rock a rockin'-around-the-Christmas-tree theme, you're bound to find a slide showing your parents, or grandparents, gathered around the hi-fi, with dozens of holiday albums strewn about the avocado-hued shag rug they're sitting upon.

    Please. It was always an avocado-hued shag rug. Every family had one. Own it.

    But vinyl listening gatherings waned as a charming pastime as digital distractions grew. Santa Monica's historic Georgian Hotel, which is itself very acquainted with decades gone by, wants to reverse that trend, or at least pay the hi-fi a visit for a pair of December nights.

    The ocean-adjacent landmark is hosting Holidays on Vinyl, a trio of parties that puts the focus on engaged listening, sparkly socializing, and, you bet, libations of the most seasonal sort. (Read: Rummy Hot Chocolate, Spiced Brandy Apple, and more merry sips.)

    The dates? Think three Thursdays: Dec. 4, 11, and 18.

    And while we said "hi-fi" earlier, it gets better than even that: The Georgian shall break out a very vintage horn trumpet phonograph for the proceedings, the better to obtain that richer, of-yore sound.

    As for the sounds themselves, the ones flowing out of that horn trumpet? Several classic albums'll be in the house -- or lobby, rather -- like Vince Guaraldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and some serious Carpenter song stylings. But attendees are also invited to show up with their favorite yuletide vinyl selections, so starting dragging the boxes out of the storage room, pronto.

    Someone better show with some Eartha Kitt and Perry Como and John Denver, too. And Muppets warbling carols? That. We want that inside our ears, thank you.

    If you want to stay over, The Georgian Hotel has a Vinyl Stay Package on, and, hello, a Bing Crosby CD set is in the mix, and parking, and drink tickets. 

    Our spirit is rising, yep yep.

    And, avocado shag rug enthusiasts, don't be miffed when we rib your favorite kind of carpet. It had flair, that's for sure, though a certain tendency to swallow lost buttons, jewelry, and candies. Few modern floor coverings can match its furry audacity, nor should they try.

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