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Get Happy: Pasadena's Libation Celebration

Craft beers, posh whiskeys, and bespoke cocktails shine.



    Get Happy: Pasadena's Libation Celebration
    Pasadena's happy hour week? It's actually two weeks, flowing from March 1 through March 15. Find sips and special events throughout Old Town, cocktail lovers.

    "If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all" is a saying that's pretty easily uttered about a lot of things in this world, sometimes unfairly, sometimes right on target.

    The happy hour can often fall under this rubric, but only because once upon a time happy hours really did suffer from a bout of sameness. Same drinks, same discounts, same music on the jukebox.

    No longer, of course. Food is involved now more than ever, and not simply fried cheese sticks, either (though we sneer not at those, given their glorious flavor). And cocktails? They're fancy-pantsier than the past.

    Pasadena knows. The Crown City boasts a bevy of taverns and eateries doing the single malt, exclusive batch beverage thing, and the town wants to spotlight its sips. Get Happy is the campaign's name, and "a libation celebration" is the reason.

    And the dates? Saturday, March 1 through Saturday, March 15. So Get Happy will be in like a lion and, um... out on the ides of March. That's how that old chestnut goes, right?

    As for the specials? Hoo, there are many. Let's cruise through some of the special events first, though. The Blind Donkey is doing a Heaven Hill Distillery Guided Tour on Tuesday, March 4 and Kings Row Gastropub has a Tullamore Dew Irish Whisky Tasting on Thursday, March 13.

    A whole caboodle of cocktails around Pas'll be discounted, or food-wine pairings will get the love.

    By the by, restaurant weeks are hugely mega popular these days, but not every city has a happy hour week. Pasadena does, this is it, and, yep, it is actually a full-on fortnight. If you want to give Old Pasadena businesses some support, think about starting now, happy-hour-o-logist.

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