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Get Tickets: The Getty Villa's Annual Outdoor Play

"Prometheus Bound" opens on Thursday, Sept. 5 at the Malibu landmark.



    Get Tickets: The Getty Villa's Annual Outdoor Play
    Getty Museum
    "Prometheus Bound" will run at the Getty Villa's outdoor theater on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from Sept. 5 through 28.

    Signs of fall in most places include one or more of the following, at least according to greeting card companies and magazine ads: cups of cider, crimson leaves, pumpkin bread, and anything containing nutmeg.

    But autumn has its own spin in Southern California, not to mention its truly distinct signs. One of the most anticipated of fall foretellings is the Getty Villa's annual outdoor play. If you've visited the Malibu-based institution, you can guess where the play takes place (and you'd be correct): In the beautiful theater that recalls in look, spirit, and marvelous acoustics of those venues in which theater lovers of centuries ago enjoyed their tragedies and comedies.

    "Prometheus Bound" is the 2013 play; tickets are now on sale. If you know the story you're likely summoning the images of fire, mountains, chains, and ancient gods as well as the Big Questions regarding humanity, progress, faith, and tyranny.

    Opening night is Thursday, Sept. 5. The play will run at the Getty Villa Thursdays through Saturdays throughout September. Tickets are $42 each.

    Poet Joel Agee translated the text, by the by, and jazz multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia will play from the stage itself.

    It's a fall treat of the deep sort, but "deep" isn't meant as a pejorative. Rather, our modern rush-rush days are too often spent skimming the surface of an idea as we hurry to complete our next to-do. A complex meditation on several topics forming the pillars of human experience, all with an old-style venue -- very old-style -- is just the intelligently considered antidote.

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