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GoPro'd: LA Zoo's Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats

The small, furry quartet made a camera-worthy zoo debut.



    If someone stuck a GoPro camera in the corner of your den, what would you be seen doing? Napping? Eating chip crumbs off your shirt? Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through old texts, searching in vain for that one hilarious photo your friend sent two years ago?

    Our human days are, for the most part, rather sedate, as any camera would reveal. But "sedate" is not a word that's well-suited to the beautiful and bouncy Nigerian Dwarf Goat, an animal who boasts so much get-up-and-go that you'll reconsider any instance, in your life, you've applied this description to yourself.

    The Los Angeles Zoo happens to be home to four infants, and the cute quartet's public debut was marked by the addition of a GoPro camera to the goats' environment.

    The footage, taken on Tuesday, June 9, shows a group of gorgeously energetic animals that are apparently 92% more excited about EVERYTHING -- all caps -- than the rest of all living creatures on this planet, combined.

    We're including Jack Russell Terriers in this opinion, so, yeah: These little goats are pretty stoked. (Now that we think about it, we'd like to see the Nigerian Dwarf Goats and some Jack Russell Terriers rolling about in puppy-kid playtime. #breaktheinternet, indeed.)

    "Hilarity and acrobatics ensued!" said the zoo about the goats' grand entrance, and we can't quibble with that description.

    Nor can we deny the urge to visit the zoo's Winnick Family Children's Zoo to see the youngsters in action. They're in the side viewing area each day, if the skies/rains/winds are amenable, from 10 in the morning through 1 p.m. and again from 1:30 to 4 p.m.

    Life is pretty rad when you have a lovely barrel to jump on and off from all happy day long. On, then off, then on again, then off, hey, I haven't jumped on the barrel in at least three seconds, better jump on it again...