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Golden Globes Official Cocktail: Get the Recipe

Want to sip along with the star? Make this one at home.



    Golden Globes Official Cocktail: Get the Recipe
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    The Moët Sunset Starlet is the official cocktail of the 2015 Golden Globes. Want to make it at home? Best stock up on orange bitters, lemon juice...

    What's the first day of the year that your blender sees some action?

    Is it A) when you finally buckle down and begin making smoothies, the better to stick to your resolutions or B) the day of the Golden Globes telecast?

    If it is typically B), breathe easy: You won't need your blender to make drinks for your movie-mad guests in 2015, because the official Golden Globes cocktail is an elegant libation that's in no need of blending. It's the Moët Sunset Starlet -- that's the official glittery moniker -- and the "Moët" part says you won't want a blender anywhere near this sip.

    What you will want is a bottle of bubbly and a few other add-ins like orange bitters and lemon juice. 

    Elettra Wiedemann, a contributor for Vogue, is the libation's inventor. As for where the sip'll show on Sunday, Jan. 11? It will be served to stars along the red carpet and in a lounge adjacent to the ceremony.

    So what's the starlight-y stuff it is made with? Pencils out, party hosts: You'll need 3/4 ounce of Lillet, 1/2 Dry Curacao,  3/4 tsp. honey, 1/4 ounce lemon juice, 2 dash orange bitters, spritz of fresh clementine + twist, and Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial. All the ingredients, save the last one and the twist, are combined in a shaker, and then the bubbly tops it off (and the twist as well, of course).

    Recommended glass? A white wine glass, with ice. (The glass allows "the flavors to open and develop.)

    As for the famous bottles of tony grape-based beverages on the famous tables of the Globes? Look for 400 magnums of Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2004 and Moët Impérial Rosé. And some 1,500 Moet Imperial minis will be poured and offered along the red carpet.

    Quaffing tiny bubbles and the accepting of orb-shaped awards: They're two round-ish things that have gone together for decades at the Golden Globes, the event that is certainly the most Champagne-flavored happening in all the land.

    Now, if you want to take the blender out for your smoothie-making the day after the Golden Globes, fine. That's another matter entirely.