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Good Hearts: Angel City Brewery Community Clean-Ups

The Arts District brewhouse is asking fan to pitch in.



    Good Hearts: Angel City Brewery Community Clean-Ups
    Angel City Brewery
    Join fans, friends, and employees of Angel City Brewery at its monthly neighborhood clean-ups. The first one lands in Venice on Saturday, Jan. 25.

    How many city and town and village names are there in the world? About 400,000? Three million? Can we all agree on 867,903? That's probably a close guess, right?

    With the variety of civic handles out there, it's rather lucky that our own small and cozy village happens to summon angels by its very name. This translates in a few ways, but a positive one is that many a community event turns the concept of angels when doing good out about town.

    Angel City Brewery is the latest business to add wings to our metropolis's memorable moniker. The Art District brewhouse is launching its "Be an Angel" program on Saturday, Jan. 25. Nope, it isn't happening downtown, but in Venice, where "fans, friends, employees, and Good Samaritans of all stripes" will gather to spend the early afternoon cleaning.

    Be an Angel is set to be a monthly thing, with Angel City people showing up in a new neighborhood every few weeks or so. The next date and place is Saturday, Feb. 8 in Echo Park.

    Now nice things often arrive in pairs or multiples -- that's what your mom said, right? -- and here's the added angelic component to this one: The clean-up crew will repair to a local bar or tavern following their neighborhood tidying efforts. Socializing shall follow, and food supplied by Angel City, two lovely things.

    But the third angel-sweet asterisk? That local bar or pub gets business, should a volunteer purchase a beer or soda or whatever. Nice, Angel City. It's good to see a brewhouse spreading the love to fellow taps and taverns.

    Be an Angel also has a program going where patrons are asked where they'd donate two hundred bucks. The brewhouse'll draw one suggestion each month and make the donation.

    Good? Support and philanthropy all around? And nice way to start the year, with friends, foam, and a little elbow grease? Cheers to you, ACB.

    (And, yes, we called Los Angeles a small and cozy village, but have you ever run into an old friend at the grocery store when you were still wearing your sweats from yesterday? Case closed.)

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