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Gourmetzia: New Posh Food Show Samples Up Downtown

A "gourmet supermarket" will lavish up palates over two days at LACC.



    Gourmetzia: New Posh Food Show Samples Up Downtown
    "(D)ozens of gourmet food and beverage companies" will set up the booths, and hand out the samples, at Gourmetzia. The two-day eats extravaganza makes for the Los Angeles Convention Center on Saturday, Sept. 20 and Sunday, Sept. 21.

    (* Note: Gourmetzia and the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco are not affiliated.)

    Where do your thoughts turn come the first day of autumn?

    Probably, if you call Southern California home, not to the purchasing of rakes and leaf bags. Fall 'round this slice of the Golden State is a tad sunnier -- and Santa-Ana-windier -- than most places, but we do experience some of the longings of the season.

    Like? A wish for deeper, richer tastes, posher bites, fancier foodstuffs. Look to any magazine cover around September for a shift from summer-lite to swanker fare. Or look to Gourmetzia, a new fancy food show set to debut over the weekend ahead of fall at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

    The big question, when it comes to events like this, though: Is it open to the public, or just people who own a toque, chef's knife, and a restaurant? The big answer? You betcha.

    Tickets go on sale Aug. 20.

    "(D)ozens of gourmet food and beverage companies will be arriving in Los Angeles," the better to bring chocolates and olive oils and tony toffees and breads and other richly flavored, deep-bodied edibles to people look for a few tidbits to posh up their plates.

    Does that mean samples shall be handed out? Oh yes, and, for sure, attendees can buy, too.

    Primizie Crispbreads, Olive Oil Boutique, Darby's English Toffee, Seven Angels Cellars, and Hangar 24 Craft Brewery are a few of the exhibitors lined up.

    Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, Aug. 20 for the Saturday, Sept. 20 and Sunday, Sept. 21 happening. VIP and early admission choices are available. Need to know more before you prepare to poshly nosh? Click.

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