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Grand Park Yum: ¡Taco Madness !

Shells, tortillas, lettuce: It's a Saturday made for savory snacking.



    Grand Park Yum: ¡Taco Madness !
    Hello, tacos: Celebrate some cotija-laden, sour-cream'd deliciousness at Grand Park on Saturday, April 20.

    Answer quickly, if you can, this question: What other foods besides tacos require the eater to change up the position of their head (and thus mouth)? 

    It's a bit of a head-scratcher. Maybe an ice cream cone, but head-bending is optional. The taco rules this particularly quirky category, but then it rules so many. It's one of everyone's favorite hand-held foods, one of the best foods delivered in a tortilla, one of the best foods on which to heap tasty toppings, and one of the best foods, period.

    We can all agree on that last category, yes?

    And we can agree that a taco party on an April Saturday at Grand Park downtown is going to be A Thing. (A Thing=an event that people want to go to, tell others about, and talk about fondly later.) Grand Park is getting to be quite the happening spot, so count on being there at some point this summer for something outlandish or fun.

    Best start with ¡Taco Madness! Leo's Taco Truck, Guerrilla Tacos, and MexiKosher are just a few of the yummy names on the serve-it-up list at the Saturday, April 20 bash. LA Taco is a host, DJs will provide head-bending, tortilla-biting music, and artists will be making a mural before the taco-enjoying public's eyes.

    Please. This is like everyone's dream Saturday, basically, and we're assuming here, perhaps, but when you're dealing with the food that is in practically in everyone's "best foods, period" category, you can make a solid guess. Dream. Saturday.

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