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Green Up, Revelers, and Run Riviera Village

Redondo Beach'll welcome bevies of shamrock'd runners.



    Green Up, Revelers, and Run Riviera Village
    Village Runner St. Patrick's Day 5K
    Green tutus? Yep. Shamrock hats? You betcha. The Village Runner St. Patrick's Day 5K hoofs it a day ahead of the holiday, on Sunday, March 16.

    While St. Patrick's Day is celebrated near and far and aside green rivers and inside old taverns and in schoolyards and churchyards and anyplace a row of paper shillelaghs can be displayed, there are a few good practices on the holiday.

    1. It doesn't always have to be about green beer. (Good beer, though, for sure, if beer is part of the celebration.)

    2. A dot of green on your underwear or socks does not count. That's happenstance, right? If you're wearing the official holiday hue, wear it all over. No arguing.

    3. Some whimsy and exercise offer a counterpoint to the pub-y doings.

    Take the Village Runner St. Patrick's Day 5K, which will hoof it in Redondo Beach on Sunday, March 16. Of the 2,500+ participants, many, many people show up in green, emerald, lime. Beyond that, tutus are involved, and wigs, and random leprachaunia.

    It's festive, is what we're saying.

    And even more so? There's a Little Leprechaun Dash, meaning kids'll be in on the revelry. Schools benefit from the races, there shall be costume contesting, and post-run high jinks? Oh yeah, that's happening. There might even be green beer involved, depending on how the green-rockin' runners feel post-race.

    Call it an exuberant and heart healthy way to greet the holiday, and a fine place to deck all out, if you work in an office that frowns upon clothing that goes overboard with the shamrocks on March 17. But, really, can one ever go overboard with the sartorial shamrock wear? 

    People have to up the green to make up for those who try to claim that a green stripe on an undershirt counts. Really, really, really: It doesn't.

    Let us all raise a green beer or Irish coffee to those dressers who do try come St. Patrick's Day.

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