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Groovy Milestone: 100 Dance Downtowns

The popular and free summer nights shake-it series opens with a '60s theme.



    Groovy Milestone: 100 Dance Downtowns
    Dance Downtown
    Dance Downtown marks its 100th outing on Friday, May 16, 2014 at the Music Center. The theme? The 1960s.

    If we love to do anything in these current times, it's group goals by particular numbers.

    Thank the internet, where people group bucket-list-y dreams by the dozen, or thank our modern life, which tends to be so busy and compartmentalized we turn to number groupings to keep our to-dos on track.

    And the number a lot of us go to? That would be 100. Actually topping out at that number is major, as any of us know, but Dance Downtown is about to, on Friday, May 16, when it hosts its 100th free dance bash.

    Did we mention "free" back there? We did type the word "free"? Really? Okay, just wanted to make sure we included the word "free."

    It's the Music Center Plaza party that fills out several summertime Friday nights each year. Each outing has a theme -- Samba, K-Pop, Disco, '90s -- and each starts up about 6:30 p.m.

    This isn't every Friday night, note, but every other Friday night, starting on May 16 and running through Sept. 19.

    Dance lessons are available for the just-starting-out-ers, and DJs and live tunes abound. So do dressy looks, though, let's be honest: It's a warm-weather hang-out dealie, so a tank top and jeans works completely. Whatever you can twirl, with abandon, while wearing.

    Just like grooving with a whole bunch of Angelenos. We are, after all, as mentioned, approaching the 100th Dance Downtown, which means there've been 99 nights for the gotta-move mojo to build. People love it, is all, because a) great setting b) summer fun c) Friday nights d) free e) dance lessons f) dancing under the stars is probably on several people's 100-bullet-point-y bucket lists.

    If not, it should be, right? If you've got 100 goals, dance should fill at least ten slots. At least.