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Gudetama! Hello Kitty Cutie at Plan Check

The beloved lazy egg is on the menu at the boutique burgery through nearly all of November.



    Gudetama! Hello Kitty Cutie at Plan Check
    Dustin Ames/Plan Check
    The beloved lazy egg, a popular character in the Hello Kitty universe, is on the menu at the boutique burgery through nearly all of November.

    It's difficult to exaggerate Hello Kitty's furry-paw'd grasp on our hearts, on pop culture, and our own personal kitties, as in the stashes of cash we go to when we want to purchase something fun. 

    The Sanrio phenomenon -- who isn't a cat, as we now all know -- enjoyed a major museum retrospective in Los Angeles in 2014, and a sold-out fan convention, too. So to say that the characters of the wider Hello Kitty universe are beyond beloved isn't quite unleashing enough necessary breathless hyperbole. 

    But perhaps most beloved of all, at least nowadays, is a little fellow who isn't all that shiny or sparkly or prone to cheer or cute clothes. Actually, he has no clothes, at all, just a shell, a shell that's typically depicted as broken, much like he himself is a bit broken, in spirit, sometimes.

    Then again Gudetama, the lazy egg, is a lot like we human beings. We're not so shiny all the time, and we can feel lazy and sleepy and unmotivated, and perhaps that is one reason this talking yolk has become something of an international superstar in the last couple of years.

    So famous is Gudetama that Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, the local burgers-and-more boutiquery, is honoring the protein-packed, sometimes-runny, always funny character through Sunday, Nov. 29 at all three locations. How? By serving a multi-course menu that boasts "a variety of egg dishes," including a crispy blanket egg, a soy sauce egg, a chocolate custard pudding (which includes egg, of course) and other dippable, sunshine-hued goodies.

    Cost? It's thirty nine bucks and you score your own Gudetama t-shirt. You might even receive a visit from Gudetama himself, as he is scheduled to surprise diners, now and then, at various Plan Check restaurants throughout November.

    What would you say if you actually met him? Would you invite him to take a seat, seeing as how he's always rather tired and always a tad crabby?

    And would you tell him you love him? Millions do, judging by the Gudetama-ing of the internet. Maybe pop culture mavens collectively grew weary of perpetually cheerful characters, and when this fussy but friendly fellow came along, it felt novel and endearing.

    Gudetama is us, perhaps more than another talking foodstuff seen on TV or in books or comics or toys. If we told him of our connection and affection, though, we sense he'd yawn and take a nap.

    Find Plan Check on Sawtelle Boulevard, Fairfax Boulevard, and downtown. And, yes, you're correct; the eateries were involved in a Hello Kitty menu in 2014, a menu that was part of the Japanese icon's 40th anniversary.

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