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Hairy Hurry: The Mustache Dache

Want to support Movember initiatives, stretch a leg, and admire some upper lip action? You're on.



    Hairy Hurry: The Mustache Dache
    Mustache Dache
    "(T)he universe's biggest and best mustache-themed running party" hits the pavement around CBS Studios on Radford on Sunday, Nov. 23.

    When you've started a 5K, and you're jogging along, finding your groove, rhythm, and the feel of the ground beneath your favorite sneakers, do you often find yourself casting glances at your fellow participants, the better to admire their shiny running shoes or oh-so-petite music players?

    It helps pass the time, as every runner knows.

    And while admiring what's happening along someone's general upper lip area isn't a typical get-in-the-run-groove thing, mustaches have been noticed in the past. But they're more than noticed at The Mustache Dache, where participants' facial hair is applauded and given shout-outs.

    The yearly 5K, which staches-up a bevy of cities across the nation, is in support of the Movember foundation, which lends a hand, and bucks, to men's health concerns, programs, and research.

    If you're wondering if the Mustache Dache always happens in November, right when the faces of participating gentlemen are growing particularly hairy due to the month-long grow period, put your wondering hat away: It does.

    Sunday, Nov. 23 is the date for the Los Angeles trot, which takes place at CBS Studios on Radford. Men sporting fabulous fuzz shall be in the running crowd, of course, and men without fuzz, and women wearing mustache stickers or drawn-on examples in a variety of hues.

    There's a kid run, too, and every kid gets a cape. Sold.

    As for the medal for completing the 5K? It boasts an old-timey, barbershop-quartet-esque shape, but check it out: It's also a bottle opener. So one isn't at all surprised to find out that there is a post-race beer garden "Bache," a bash that comes with complimentary brew courtesy of Lagunitas Brewery.

    How's your Movember fundraising upper lip fur coming along? Best get out to CBS on Nov. 23 to show off your helping-a-guy out spirit, and, yes, your wax-that-stache prowess. You're going full barbershop on this one, right? Or 1970s crime fighter? Ye olde poet? 

    Keep growing, dudes, whatever your 'stache-y style.

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