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Handwritten Charm: Oscar Nominees Questionnaire, Revealed

The Academy asks nominees how they found the big news out, and more.



    Handwritten Charm: Oscar Nominees Questionnaire, Revealed
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    The 2014 Oscar nominees talk about the big honor, in their own words (and writing). (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

    If you've ever attended a reunion, casual conference, or get-together for a club, you've likely been sent a photocopied form to fill in. Fill in with your name, what you've been up to, your hobbies, and your hopes for the future.

    And your first thought is often this, if you choose to print it out and write on the form: How's my handwriting? Are other people really going to see this? Can people tell that's my "r" and not a "v"?

    It turns out, for the 2014 class of Oscar nominees, that other people are definitely going to have a peek at their filled-in questionnaires. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "sent a very simple questionnaire to all of the nominees. Many of them returned handwritten."

    Now those questions and answers are up at the Academy's site, and they charm.

    David Brownlow, who is nominated for Best Sound Mixing for "Lone Survivor," reveals this his nightgown-sporting wife told him the good news of his nomination. Gloria Pasqua Casny, who styled coiffures for "The Lone Ranger," reports that her phone started beeping with texts at 6 a.m.

    Bruce Dern reveals he found out about his "Nebraska" acting nod when he was on the way "to the latrine."

    Charming stuff, all. Doesn't every aspiring cineaste wonder how she or he might learn of a nomination? Daydream, even? It's fun to find out how people really do.

    This is only Part I of the questionnaires, but there's plenty to click through for the film fan.

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