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Happy Grilled Cheesegiving

Cranberries, green beans, and more staples go full sandwich for the holiday.



    Happy Grilled Cheesegiving
    Greenspan's Grilled Cheese
    Greenspan's Grilled Cheese puts several Thanksgiving staples -- cranberries and green beans among them -- in a sandwich. Name? The Grilled Cheesegiving. It's available at the Melrose eatery from Nov. 20 through 26.

    It was just a decade or two ago when a Thanksgiving meal was, well... a Thanksgiving meal.

    There was the large platter holding the roasted bird. Next to it, the bowl of mashed potatoes or yams dotted with marshmallows. And over there, the gravy boat and can-shaped cranberry.

    Nowadays, though, you're apt to see the flavors of Thanksgiving in ice cream, atop posh hot dogs, and, yes, even inside a standard grilled cheese.

    And if you're eating a Thanksgiving-y meal inside a grilled cheese, there's only one thing to call it: Grilled Cheesegiving. And there's just one place to enjoy it, at least around Southern California: Greenspan's Grilled Cheese.

    The holiday creation will be available at Chef Greenspan's Melrose Avenue eatery from Nov. 20 through 26 and will include turkey, natch, plus gravy dip, green beans, crispy shallots, cranberry sage chutney, and Tillamook medium cheddar. This is all atop rye bread and "Tillamook and Greenspan's will donate a pack and a portion of the proceeds to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank" for every sandwich sold.

    Make that "every specialty item" sold: sweet potato latkes and Throwback Apple Pie will also be part of the giving-back-a-tude that week.

    Where next will Thanksgiving pop up? In a milkshake? A cocktail? Could you do an entire meal stuffed inside a turkey or sprinkled atop mashed potatoes, for a meta feel? The sky, or, rather, the dining room sideboard is clearly the limit for Southern California's foodie innovators.

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