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Healthy Days, Ahoy: Eat Well Week

Restaurants join together for a fresh-flavored, healthy-nice campaign.



    Healthy Days, Ahoy: Eat Well Week
    Eat Well Week
    Eat Well Week is all about smart food choices and healthy living. The place? Santa Monica. The dates? Sunday, Jan. 5 through Sunday, Jan. 12.

    If you've lived an outdoorsy, fresh-eatin' LA lifestyle for any amount of time, you know that some people find your choices downright comical.

    We're known for our love of healthy foodstuffs, and, for whatever reason, this tickles some people who live elsewhere. A kale salad, no dressing, with a side of wheatgrass, is practically the Official Southern California Meal, per some comics. (You should also be wearing yoga pants while you consume the kale, of course.)

    There's good reason behind this: Our region does embrace veges and fruits, so much so that whole cities sometimes back our efforts to improve our health. Santa Monica is out the gate first each and every year on this important matter, with Eat Well Week.

    The week, which gets moving on Sunday, Jan. 5, dovetails deliciously with California Restaurant Month, which just happens to be January. This means prix fixe specials at spots like Cast at the Viceroy and JiRaffe and The Curious Palate through Sunday, Jan. 12.

    Tiato is going with a roasted tomato vegan soup and a sesame-crusted watercress chicken salad for two of its prix fixe stand-outs.

    "Tips for a Healthier 2014" appear alongside the Eat Well restaurant listing.

    Think of Eat Well Week as a fine way to transition from the decadent dining of the holidays to cooking healthier for yourself at home. It's the middle stop on that journey, and a tasty and special-laden one, too.

    And, honestly, isn't everyone done ribbing SoCalers over wheatgrass and yoga pants? It's 2014, not sometime long ago, far in the past, when such jokes might have been humorous for exactly two weeks.

    There are certainly other ripe things to satirize about our region, but wanting to be healthier definitely makes the "Let's Be Proud" list.  Can we all raise a wheatgrass shot to that?

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