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Hello Kitty Scavenger Hunt (with a Foodie Twist)

Search out boba drinks and other treats during a Sanrio-sweet, city-big event.



    Hello Kitty Scavenger Hunt (with a Foodie Twist)
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    Hello Kitty? Prepare to see her everywhere when the Hello Kitty convention lands in LA at the end of October. Sanrio just announced a city-big scavenger hunt, with a food them, to launch on Oct. 24. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

    It is said that a character's pop culture zenith is reached when everyone knows the character's name, and, moreover, can name the character from a mere outline or silhouette.

    Such is the case with Hello Kitty, Sanrio's bow-topped, happy-hearted... little girl, not cat (this news, from August, was major among fans). And Hello Kitty's everywhereness will out-zenith former zeniths, when later this month a 40th anniversary mega convention, a museum retrospective, themed hotel rooms, and, indeed, a foodie-fun scavenger hunt all land in Los Angeles.

    Prepare, Kittyians, for the Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt, which the Los Angeles Times reveals will unfurl at eateries around the city from Friday, Oct. 24 through Friday, Nov. 21. You'll order a particular item in a restaurant and receive a Hello Kitty pin, but not just any pin: She'll be enjoying the item in question.

    Meta? Yes. Adorable? Absolutely. Very much in line with the "full experience" approach to Hello Kitty merchandising, music, art, and edibles? Truly. (Also, get ready to squee loudly: The Times says one of the items is a burger with pink cheese. PINK. CHEESE.)

    There are few characters who so easily fit with wearables, drinks, and even hotels. (Koreatown's own The Line Hotel, by the by, is the official hotel for the Hello Kitty Con; look for themed Hello Kitty rooms, DJ happenings, and such.)

    Really, we wouldn't be too surprised to see a giant pink bow land atop the Hollywood Sign. We really wouldn't.

    And we won't be surprised to hear that hundreds of Kitty buffs have participated in the scavenger hunt, which Sanrio just announced this week. If you own all the Hello Kitty lunchboxes, and slippers, and make-up kits, you definitely want all of those special scavenger hunt pins for your special collection wall.

    As for dates? As mentioned, the scavenger hunt starts ahead of the convention and ends well past it: Oct. 24 through Nov. 21. Hello Kitty Con 2014 is at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA from Oct. 30 through Nov. 2. And the museum exhibition, at the Japanese American National Museum? That's on from Oct. 11 through April 26, 2015.

    Hello, Hello Kitty.

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