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Hello, Spring: Get Your Flower On, SoCal

Flowers, buds, and other petal-y things abound across the region.



    Hello, Spring: Get Your Flower On, SoCal
    Hi, Spring, make yourself comfortable. Now, tell us where to find all of your fabled flowers around Southern California?

    While no meteorological journal would put it as such, nor would any climate-minded expert phrase it as so, it isn't entirely inaccurate to say that Southern California perpetually exists, regardless of month, in a low level state of spring.

    There are exceptions to our eternal springtime, like when those autumn Santa Anas blow and the hard winter rains arrive. Otherwise the weather is mostly fine, the more audacious plants get their bloom on year-round, and a day in November can feel as springian as the peachiest of April afternoons.

    Still, when spring does arrive, all official and calendar-like, SoCalers want to feel it. We're not immune to poetry -- heck, we live in the Land o' Dream-Making -- and we want to experience the springtime of myth, song, and painting.

    Here's where you can admire a profusion of flowers, or, if not a profusion, at least the popping of buds and the waving of branches and the other sorts of things one might find in a spring-themed sonnet.

    Sonnet up your life at...

    The Flower Fields: How sore would you be if we just typed the word "ranunculus" like 19 times? Ranunculus, ranunculus, ranunculus... well, you get our point. The eye-popping flowers are synonymous with a certain garden-riffic Carlsbad spot, and only for a few springtime months. Also, "ranunculus" is fun to type and fun to say. Not knocking roses at all, but why aren't there more sonnets rhyming lines with this outstanding flower's outstanding name? Poets, make it happen.

    The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens: There are a trio of new additions in the diaphonously beautiful Chinese Garden, including the Clear and Transcendent Pavilion, but you'll also want to check out the oh-so-lush wisteria bowers at the San Marino landmark: Word has it they're purple-ing up like mad at the moment. Spring, dang it, we'd scold you for being a show-off but we secretly love it.

    Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve: We do not have full orange blanketing-the-hills conditions at this famous flower destination as of yet. Repeat, we have not achieved full orange hillside blankets. But the state flowers are on their way, popping up in little bunches here and there. The Lancaster nature spot is good for a spring stroll, whether there are thousands of state flowers abloom or not. If you need more orange, though, hang tight for mid-April, when the peak is expected.

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