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Helping Local Hounds: Strut Your Mutt

The Best Friends of LA fundraiser gives a woof at Woodley Park.



    Helping Local Hounds: Strut Your Mutt
    Strut Your Mutt
    Walk with your favorite BFF and raise money for local animal groups on Sunday, Sept. 15. Name? Strut Your Mutt. Place? Woodley Park in Van Nuys.

    Timing can be everything in dog training, and in dog everything, too. How long your pup is able to sit still, with a ball balanced on his nose, what time of day he receives his eye drops, and when he needs his walkies are all par for the course for the devoted pet owner.

    So call it very good timing that one of the internet's big stars happened to visit a Los Angeles animal shelter in the week ahead of one of Southern California's biggest Fido fundraisers. Lentil Bean, the French Bulldog who is "changing the way people view clefts in both animals and humans," paid a visit to NKLA, a Best Friends Animal Society no-kill shelter, over Labor Day Weekend.

    Lentil's visit presages something good: Best Friends will host Strut Your Mutt on Sunday, Sept. 15, the annual walk-your-woofer-around-Woodley-Park money-raiser. The money raised goes to a variety of shelters and groups lending a hand to the beasties, indeed, but the invigorating, occasionally barky walk has become a great way for hound-lovers to hobnob.

    You can pay your fee -- $30 ahead of time, $35 at the park -- and you and your fuzzy one can make the Strut. Or if you can't make it, or your pup is a shy one, you are invited to donate, too.

    It isn't all about the walk, though: Group tents, like one for NKLA, will dot the grounds, and Fido-focused activities, like PAWdicures and a Smooch Your Pooch photo booth, are part of the festivities. A belly rub hub offers petly massages, too.

    Southern California is home to a number of canine-loving fundraisers, but this is one with truly furry legs. The money raised by Struts across the nation is significant -- in the hundreds of thousands of dollars -- which lends a lot many animal volunteers and their goals throughout the year.

    Lentil Bean, thanks for the NKLA visit on Sept. 1, which helped usher in the month of Strut Your Month. You brought good foretidings indeed.

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