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Here Comes the Free Ice Cream Truck

The blue SoCal Honda Helpful truck'll be popping up around the city.



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    SoCal Honda
    The blue SoCal Honda Helpful truck'll be popping up around the city starting in Hollywood on Friday, July 18.

    What are the unspoken but widely known rules for running after an ice cream truck on a warm summer afternoon?

    Not wearing flip flops is recommended (tennies make for safer jogging). Yelling for all of your friends, loudly enough so they can hear inside their houses, is important. And sticking to the sidewalk and not the street? Wise.

    But there'll be no need to dash after the blue ice cream truck that's set to start popping up at spots around town over National Ice Cream Weekend. It's the SoCal Honda Dealers Helpful truck and it shall be handing out "a colorful assortment of free treats for everyone!"

    We can get behind the exclamation point, what with the "free" and the "treats."

    Kick-off day is Friday, July 18, but where the truck'll park is a question mark. It will make for "various community activities, parks, sporting events, and concerts..." across Southern California. Meaning if you're in Hollywood on July 18, Huntington Beach on July 20, Riverside on July 27, and Simi Valley on Aug. 16, you may be handed something refreshing.

    And you won't even need to dig in the coin jar to get it. (That's another tip for chasing ice cream trucks: Place the coin jar near the front door.)

    The SoCal Honda Dealers Helpful team has been good-deeds-ing up the summer, with litter pick-up at beaches, valet parking over Father's Day Weekend, and giving away water on toasty afternoons. Want the truck to head your way for a little volunteering-style niceness? It just might.

    As for the gratis giving-out of sweet treats? That'll keep on delighting unexpected people who didn't know they were craving an ice cream (but totally were) through Saturday, Aug. 23. 

    Final stop? Garden Grove.