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Hero Dog Awards: Sun Valley Pup Nominated

Voting is open for an octet of brave pooches.



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    American Humane Society
    The American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards will be presented on Sept. 19 at the Beverly Hilton. You can vote now for your favorite Fido to win.

    There isn't a person out there who could honestly say that, when it comes to the major award ceremonies -- the Golden Globes, the Emmys, the Oscars -- that they want every performer and every film and every show to win.

    "A trophy for everyone!" is distinctly not our unified rallying cry.

    That widespread feeling changes dramatically when it comes to the Hero Dog Awards. Presented each year at the Beverly Hilton to the truest, the sweetest, and the bravest pups in all the land, the Hero Dog Awards are helmed by the American Humane Association and votes are cast by the pup-lovin' public.

    Like the heart-tugging Ugliest Dog Competition at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, and other Fido-focused gatherings that bestow honors, pretty much all people want all the dogs to get a medal and all the treats they want (well, a sensible, let's-not-make-'em-sick amount of treats, anyway).

    Even if you can't be at the Beverly Hilton ceremony with your hound-hugging arms spread wide on Sept. 19, you can vote now, and daily if you wish, for the 2015 Hero Dog.

    There are eight finalists and each has a story that stirs the feelings and summons the awwws.

    Glory, an eight-year-old bloodhound from Sun Valley, is "trained and certified to track lost pets." Her Hero Dog biography says that Glory has "helped bring closure to hundreds of families" even while working under "difficult conditions."

    Keep the tissue box near as you scroll.

    All of the eight dogs -- and there are, in fact, two dogs named Glory among the finalists -- have beautiful stories that brim with inspiration and pathos. Read them here and then consider how you will cast your vote.

    But also consider this: You can vote once a day, through Sept. 7. Maybe you'll spread the love a little further and wider among the deserving pups? 

    Again, we want them to all win, but perhaps they already have. For through their heroic deeds they've been recognized, loved upon, and presented with challenges that dog lovers know dogs do crave.

    That sounds like a pretty amazing calling for a canine, whether or not they leave the Beverly Hilton with the big prize.

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