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Hollywood Hoorays for Nutella Truck

Hazelnuts in Tinseltown? The creamy wheels make a tour stop.



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    Nutella, that rich hazelnut spread that's pretty much beloved by the entire nut-eating populace, has a truck, and that truck is in Hollywood on Monday, Sept. 15 and Tuesday, Sept. 16.

    Is Nutella to dessert eaters what Sriracha is to spicy condiment fans?

    Consider that few things that arrive in a jar or squeezie bottle are as routinely lavished in praise, slathered atop every manner of foodstuff, and even eaten straight. (You consume Nutella and/or Sriracha in their naked, purest forme, dear foodies; don't fib now, we know.)

    So when one or the other show up on their own -- say a Sriracha festival in San Diego or a full-on Nutella truck in LA -- fans turn out in devoted droves.

    Those hazelnut-happy droves shall turn on Hollywood on Monday, Sept. 15 and Tuesday, Sept. 16. Nutella has sent a truck out on a 50th anniversary tour, a vehicle that has, inside, "delicious samples" of the thick-on-the-knife spreadable plus "cool giveaways" such as t-shirts and stickers. The LA Times has given the love, so, for sure, the queues for the sweet-stuff may be as thick as Nutella itself.

    The dessert-rollin' wheels have been to Boston and Chicago and more big cities, with stops in Dallas and New Orleans ahead.

    Yep, there's a hashtag -- #spreadthehappy -- and, indeed, there shall be activities surrounding the truck. Does one of those activities include how to scrape up the very last goopy plop of Nutella from the bottom of the jar with just the tippy-top of your pinky finger? Because that knowledge could come in handy for many. (Also, please tell us how to not get Nutella all over our palm and wrist when engaging in pinky-dipping. Thank you.)

    Look for the crepe-ready good stuff at 923 Broxton and Le Conte on the 15th and 16th.

    And, no, you don't need to consume Nutella in a crepe, or atop a piece of toast, or swirled on ice cream. Like its spiritual condiment cousin Sriracha, it's just one of those foodly phenoms that works on everything and evey alone.

    Nope, we're not even qualifying "everything" or adding an asterisk; it's just the honest truth.

    Raise your Nutella-slathered hands out there: Who has eaten Nutella atop some Nutella? Yeah. Thought so. We raise our empty jars in your honor, co-Nutella passionists. May your pinky fingers always find the last little bits, every time.

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