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Hollywood Hosts Twice the "Peter Pan"

The Disney classic plays at the El Cap and Cathy Rigby flies at the Pantages.



    Hollywood Hosts Twice the "Peter Pan"
    "Peter Pan" celebrates its 60th at the El Capitan from Friday, Jan. 11 through Thursday, Feb. 7.

    Are there any signs, truisms, or lessons to be taken from the fact that "Peter Pan" is showing up in Hollywood not once but twice in the first month of the year? In both film and stage form?

    The principal lesson is perhaps the obvious one: The story of the boy who wouldn't grow up is an enduring one. Not just in children's literature but in the cinema, principally due to the Disney animated film, and in the theater, courtesy of wires and songs and Ms. Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan.

    And in a feat of fictional magic, the J.M. Barrie story will play at two major Tinseltown venues in the days to come. The Disney film, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary, soars at the El Capitan from Friday, Jan. 11 through Thursday, Feb. 7 while the lavish stage musical flies high down the boulevard at the Pantages Theatre from Tuesday, Jan. 15 through Sunday, Jan. 27. 

    The inimitable Cathy Rigby, a performer known for putting in one or two performances as the graceful Pan, stars.

    There will be an in-person performer stopping by the El Cap screenings, too, we should add: Jake of "Jake and the Never Land Pirates."

    Will Wendy and Hook fans be catching the film in the afternoon and the musical in the evening? Some serious Smee enthusiasts will certainly make the effort.

    And the mention of Captain Hook makes us think there might be other early-in-the-year lessons to take from the double-showing of "Peter Pan." There is that famous alarm clock in the crocodile's tummy, the one that dogs Hook with its tick-tick-tick. Should we all think about how we'll approach time management better in the new year? Is that the takeaway of this charming coincidence?

    Or is the lesson simply to be wary of clock-ticking crocodiles? We'll vote the latter.

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