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Hollywood Retro: 1930s Glamour Day

The Egyptian hosts an afternoon full of tips, styles, and zazz.



    Hollywood Retro: 1930s Glamour Day
    Besame Cosmetics
    Bésame Cosmetics will be on hand to lend 1930s-pretty beauty tips during the vintage beauty afternoon at The Egyptian. The lipstick gets red -- very, very red -- on Saturday, May 31.

    It's often said that Los Angeles is a hundred cities in one, and that each neighborhood boasts its own look, style, and vibe.

    Does this apply to locals' favorite hairstyles as well? Maybe. One's more likely to see beachy hair in Venice and old-school Victory Rolls in Silver Lake, perhaps, but wherever you go around Southern California you'll likely spy, at some point, some retro pin-curled action and '30s-cute fashion.

    Vintage is queen, for many Angelenos, and many of those many Angelenos will make for The Egyptian in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon, May 31, for a stylish session devoted to 1930s beauty.

    A screening of "The Modern Face: 1930s Beauty" is on tap, as are hair and make-up demonstrations from Bésame Cosmetics and hairstylist Sandra D.

    Wayback cosmetics will be on display, too. Wouldn't it be sweet if compacts and such were as va-voom-y and fancy today as back then? It's a small detail, but then beauty is in the little touches.

    A booksigning spotlighting the history of make-up and styles of the '30s and '40s are on the schedule. History discussions fill out the fabulousness.

    Call it the vintage-loving style maven's ideal afternoon of tips, ideas, and showing off. Of course showing off -- you'll want to rock your shoulder pads and seamed stocks. Count on the retro fashions to be out in full force, both on the professionals and the attendees.

    Truly, Los Angeles remains a place where dressing 1930s, as a way of life, is part of the larger scene. Is this because we're a costume-y place, what with Hollywood? Or our easy-breezy, California-style live-and-let-live-isms?

    Whatever the reason, a vintage look is pretty sweet, whether seen at a special Hollywood beauty event or over in the produce section of your local Ralph's.

    Because if you can't wear vintage on a daily basis, why bother, really? Gotta rock those Victory Rolls at the Ralph's, and everywhere else, too.

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