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Hops Ahoy: Los Angeles IPA Festival

Mohawk Bend rounds up over 60 Golden State sips, all on tap.



    Hops Ahoy: Los Angeles IPA Festival
    How much do you love your IPAs? Mohawk Bend raises a toast to the distinctive brew on Saturday, Nov. 16 and Sunday, Nov. 17.

    Lager lovers might be called lagerists and stout aficionados could be deemed stouters, but how does one refer to an IPA lover?

    Well, "dedicated" is a fine start, and "passionate," too. As for an exact nickname, IPAn sounds catchy enough, though you'll likely never find an IPA buff using it. They'll be too busy discussing the finer merits of India Pale Ale, and all the paler but punch brews on the tap line-up.

    And there are quite a few. Our own state boasts hundreds of individual, bespoke IPAs, and over 60 of them'll be on the pour at Mohawk Bend over the Saturday, Nov. 16 and Sunday, Nov. 17 weekend. That's when the Los Angeles IPA Festival foams to a festive head at the Sunset Boulevard sudsarium.

    Well, sudsarium and restaurant, of course. You can book a table, to eat, but they're going fast. Plus? The bar area will serve as IPA HQ (that's just fun to type).

    You'll taste a hoppy rainbow of brews, from Anchor Brewing's amber-smooth offerings to Golden Road's flavorful and forward concoctions. (Tried Point the Way IPA yet? Golden Road, that just tastes like SoCal in a large can, is the fact of it.)

    The Echo Park party promises to be lively -- yeah, as mentioned, over 60s IPAs'll be served -- and bustling, so arriving earlier in the evening is probably a good bet.

    Also? There shall be judging, so this isn't merely a convivial gathering of elbow-bending and glass-clinking. Suds are at stake and honors are to be had.

    In short? Hops ahoy, IPAns. And may all of the future taverns you visit have at least one delectable ale of the pale sort on draft.

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