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Hottest Ticket in Town: The Perceptual Cell

The one-person-at-a-time light experience is part of the LACMA Turrell show.



    Hottest Ticket in Town: The Perceptual Cell
    Florian Holzherr
    Artist James Turrell's Perceptual Cell is a 12-minute "program of saturated light" created for a single viewer. Tickets are necessary and they're going quickly.

    What constitutes a "hot ticket"?

    Probably a few things, depending on the genre or art form. Some might base the label on whether a record is selling well or a movie gets terrific reviews.

    But here's another measurable: What if tickets were getting booked-up, literally in week or month chunks, seemingly in days?

    There's one very small space in town that can lay claim to that designation: The Perceptual Cell, an experience currently on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Created by artist James Turrell, the cell, which is part of a larger series of perpetual cells, is a 12-minute "program of saturated light" created for a sole viewer.

    Meaning that only one person at a time may enter the small orb, meaning that less than a dozen tickets can be sold a day. It's not akin to a concert or play at all, where hundreds of people may attend at the same time.

    Quite the opposite: It's just you. You and light.

    The rather sci-fi looking orb, which is titled "Light Reignfall," will be taking sole viewers on that 12-minute light journey through April 6, 2014. So here's where the "hottest ticket" bit comes in: Though the Turrell exhibit just opened at the end of May, tickets for the light experience are booked through September.

    How will you be on the other side of those 12 minutes? We picture it as something like the mind-deepening end of "2001: A Space Odyssey" but it can't be described before it is known, or so we've heard. That's something charming in this know-everything-before-you-get-there world.

    And speaking of that: The museum's Stanley Kubrick exhibit wraps at the end of June.

    Tickets for James Turrell's Perceptual Cell experience are $15 for LACMA members, $45 for the general public. A Perceptual Cell ticket gets you into the exhibit and the museum as well.

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